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The owners - Don & Dawn Walker

Long time Whenuakite farmers Don and Dawn Walker often had tourists knocking on their door asking where they could stay in the area and they had a feeling that a holiday park with camp sites and cabins would work well.

Their herringbone cowshed became Cowree Lodge and the calf rearing shed became the office of Seabreeze Holiday Park which opened in December 2005.

The couple also had a vision of turning the old hay barn into a brewery and restaurant - and when their holiday park guests would ask for recommendations on eating out, Dawn and Don knew the dream would work.

The development of the brewery and restaurant has been the most challenging of all their projects says Dawn, but it's been worth it.

"It's so satisfying now. Our beers are being enjoyed all round the country and our guests and the local community are also able to enjoy the award-winning beers and delicious food."

Don and Dawn now get to wear a variety of hats as they juggle their projects - beef farming, kiwi and avocado orchards and dairying - as well as the Whenuakite hospitality and tourism enterprise.

In their time off they make the most of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula enjoying cycling, walking, fishing and diving.

The Brewer - Mak Kiss

Towering in the brewery is Brewmaster Kiss, a true lumberjack who hails from the great white north and brews with the same icy spirit of the Canadian tundra. With long unruly hair and a tapestry woven heavily of Viking heritage, Mak brews with the same passion as his ancestors; wild and untamed.


Spending several years learning the art of beer from the bottom up as assistant brewers throughout Canada, Mak graduated from an esteemed Brewing school with a more complete knowledge of all aspects of the brewing industry.


Brewing his own destiny, Mak continues his journey in New Zealand, bringing fresh ideas as well as a hearty taste for ancient brewing techniques and looks to resurrect the old brewing gods combined with modern twists and flavours to create wondrous and new beers.


The area - Whenuakite

Whenuakite is a farming area on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, about 10km south-east of Whitianga. Not far away is Hot Water Beach, famous for the thermal springs that rise through the sand and which bring thousands of tourists every year. It's also a popular surfing and fishing beach.

1043 Tairua Whitianga Road  Whenuakite  RD1  Whitianga           + 64 7 866 3830